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Struggling to be heard? 

Feeling stuck in your life or work?

Wondering why it is so easy for others and not you?


Join Shannon to discuss how to change your narrative and begin telling stories about yourself as a hero instead of a victim to change your life, career, business. 


Attendees will gain insight into how audiences determine who is the victim and who is the hero of the story, enabling them to understand how their current story is affecting their ability to succeed. You will leave with a personal hero story to use as a template for all your personal stories.


3 hour event where you will gain support in writing your own hero story.


In this program you will learn your REAL core values and how they affect how you see yourself and others. You will leave with stories you can share to let others know what is important to you and what they can expect by knowing you. 


Round Tables are scheduled once we have 5 people interested in the topic. If you know anyone who would like to join you, please share this information with them. 

Round Table Discussion - Changing Narrative


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