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Be an APeeling speaker by securing your spot. 


Secure your spot on the APeeling Stage and Book.


What you get:


  • 30 minutes on the virtual stage during the event 
  • 1 page in the book 
  • Access to the onboarding and educational program
  • Access to the speaker's community
  • Affiliate fee for tickets and book sales increases from 20% to 50%


If you want more exposure and impact you can add options. 




  • Promotional package for social media with your talk, image, and brand promoted by Shannon $97
  • Newsletter to subscribers featuring your presentation, lead magnet, and a promotion $97 / issue
  • Interview on 2PM with the Trigger $25  (Regular price $250)
  • 1 hour Coaching with Rich Bontrager $250  (Regular price $300)
  • Virtual Backdrop design $97
  • Added pages in the book to advertise your product or service $250 per page includes premium positioning and an extra newsletter issue about you for every page. Max 3 extra pages (not including your presentation, contact, bio, lead magnet page included in your speaker fee)


To learn more about becoming an APeeling Speaker - Click here.



Click to watch 2 PM Live with the Trigger show 




What can be published on purchased pages:


Advertisements for programs, books, items, or whatever you have to sell

Article or an excerpt from your book (click to read full article for a pop up)

Image gallery, videos, podcasts, to embed in the page

Social media feed, forms, quizzes, etc...  Whatever you have. 



If you submit an article longer than the amount of pages purchased, it will have a click to read the rest with a pop up.


Want to know more about being an APeeling Speaker - Click here.



APeeling Speaker Fee

PriceFrom $249.00

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