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Visme Design Software Review

Updated: Jun 4, 2019

As a content creator, I use a lot of different software programs to develop content for myself and for my clients.

One of the main things I use Visme for, is to create pitch decks for clients who are looking for investors. The software provides templates that help me to generate ideas before I start from scratch to create the visual part of the presentation.

When I create a pitch deck, I start by interviewing the client to find out what the story is and help them to understand what part of the story is important to investors and which parts will only get in the way of the message. Too often a CEO will want to tell everything about his company, products, and services. He believes that the investor needs to know all the details to make a decision, the result is a confusing and boring presentation. The presentation should give enough information to tell the story, to generate curiosity, and leave room for questions.

Why I Like Using Visme - Photos

I start with a blank slate and add features to compliment the text being discussed on each slide. Visme makes it easy to find the photo I want to use with an included Gallery and a personalized Gallery that holds all the photos I chose from the main Gallery, making it easier for me to find the photo I need. I'm able to upload photos from my own collection, that are organized in a personalized Gallery to make them easy to find when I need them.

Why I Like Using Visme - Elements

There are plenty of graphic elements to choose from and drop onto the slide. The elements can be customized easily with a click of a button to add photos, crop, flip, change colours and frames. The methods of customization are user friendly and self evident providing a good user experience and professional looking product.

Why I Like Using Visme - Automation

It is easier to keep the audience's attention if what the presenter is talking about is on the screen without points that he/she will be making next. Too often presentation visuals have too much information on the slide and the presenter loses the audience because they've read ahead or are busy reading everything on the screen. Visme enables automatic automation so elements of each slide come onto the screen when you want them to.

This is perfect for pitch decks that will be posted onto the company's website with a voice over or as a stand alone piece of information. Visme's automation offers directional choices for the entry and exit of each element. The whole presentation can automatically go from one slide to the next or can be switched manually with a click.

Why I Like Visme - Easy to Share

Visme enables me to download the presentation in a zip file of each slide as a jpeg or a png, as a powerpoint presentation, or as an html presentation. It also enables me to share the presentation with html embedded code, a link to a presentation player, or link to play on social media.

There are a couple things I wish it did. One is convert the html automated version to a MP4 video to download and play. The other thing I find frustrating is when it is downloaded as a powerpoint presentation, the automations do not transfer, rather the slides transform into static jpeg or png files so I can't automate those parts of the slides I want automated on powerpoint either. This wouldn't be an issue, except many clients need the presentation as a powerpoint in order to present it.

For online presentations or embedding into a website, Visme is a one click sharing solution.

I find creating the layout on Visme faster than on powerpoint and since the Gallery is part of the software there is no plug ins or apps that have to be installed or paid for to use, like with powerpoint. If you create presentations that will be added to a company's website or to be shared on social media, Visme is the better option because it's html and links instead of uploading a full file.

See presentations I created using Visme: Presentation Portfolio

Have you used Visme? What were your thoughts?

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