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Spa Vision

Meet Taylor Opheim Founder of Spa Vision Medical Group

Where do you reside currently?


What is your professional role?

My company provides training to become a medical esthetician, the medical spa platforms IPL+ and StarBody Bodysculpting and we build & operate RX Super Spa retail clinics.

What is your top personal value?

My top personal value is truth. Too many companies are pushing too powerful of treatments which in the end don’t benefit clients. Short term results often lead to longterm complications/side-effects which are rarely, if ever discussed with clients. With both my IPL+ & StarBody platforms, they are designed to enhance and regenerate the body’s functions without damaging it long-term. In my personal life I also enjoy reading a lot of mythological and philosophical type books to better understand the principles of the world we live in.

What do you do when you aren't working?

Haha my biggest time waster is video games. My favourite ways to flde-stress are Magic the Gathering (Online) and Pokemon Legends Arceus. I like the strategy components but also the variety, art and adventure related to it. I love to travel abroad and be different places all the time and video games make that easy. Also all the lore and story behind is really incredible to think about.

What makes you unique?

I’ve been to Senegal on the African West Coast and did some charity & volunteer work there for 2 weeks when I was in high school.

What do you love about what you do and how do you help others?

I love being able to give people a better chance. I know for a fact that our products and services offer far better value than anything else out there. Helping business owners and entrepreneurs wanting to get into this industry have the best shot at building a successful and reputable business is really what makes me interested and passionate about what we do.

What is the number one goal you are trying to achieve in your professional life?

To help 151 people build successful businesses.

Share your morning routine or a routine that has helped you become successful

Get up at 6am and have a hot water with lemon and read a book that you’re excited to read for 30 minutes. Then 20-30 minutes of walking on a treadmill to get the blood going, I’ll usually check my emails/social or watch a show while doing this. Then have a light breakfast with some fruit, cereal & coffee. After that I shower, get dressed and do some educational reading or plan out the day. Then I go to work according to the schedule.

Do you have a before story where life wasn't great.

Yup, I worked for a long-time under my family’s business for basically free after sacrificing a comfortable career at the company I was working at. It eventually became clear that my efforts were not at all valued by the family and so eventually I lined a few opportunities up and left the family company to strike out on my own.

Was there a catalyst that happened to inspire you to want a better life?

I’ve always believed that the best thing we can do with our lives is offer the maximum value back to society and the best way we can do that is by living our lives to the maximum.

Who helped you to create the life you have today.

My mom, she bore the brunt of my trying to build up the family business and the initial bit of my starting my own business by paying all the bills at home and not really charging me rent.

What things did you try doing that didn't help you create a better life?

When I was 21, I unsuccessfully became a Financial Advisor at Sun Life. That lasted 11 months. I wasn’t really fully dedicated to it as I was still working for my family and the mentor, I was working with wasn’t really in alignment with what I envisioned for myself there.

What thing helped you to change and create a better life?

Books. Particularly Napoleon Hill books. Think & Grow Rich inspired me early on and then The Law of Success in 16 Lessons was really what got me thinking about a lot of things.

Write a letter of inspiration to those who are where you were before, what do they need to know to help them to keep trying for a better life?

Cold call every day. Training yourself to deal with rejection and parry it is critical. From there put out some content every day and make sure not to get buried in administration. Find someone else to do non-sales/value add type tasks. You need to master your sales first and then you can start to build a team once you’re a pro.

Do you have a goal or a vision of the life you want for yourself that you'd like to share with others?

Not that I’d like to share. I think those sorts of ideas & goals should only be shared with people who are going to help you make them real.

Are you looking for something or someone who can help you get to the next level in your life?

Yes, I need to find a business partner who knows about my market and type of company and who I can bounce ideas back and forth with, and then actually make them happen!

Want to know more about Taylor Opheim visit Spa Vision Medical Group


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