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My BS Got in the Way

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

As Seen in the APeeling Magazine January 2020

This year has been full of surprises,. Nothing could’ve been possible if i didn’t take it all in received what was coming my way, this has never been easy for me, however a few years ago, I was taught and showed the impact it can make.

I was given this little red book “The Go-Givers” by Bob Burg. One of the sections of the book is about the Law of Receiving, which states, “The key to effective giving is to stay open to receiving."

Does one thing just solve everything? For me it was The compounding effect. Over the past 7 years it’s been multiple personal development sessions, hypnotherapy sessions to help with my anxiety, reading books, listening to podcasts, having mentors, Friends that share, family members guiding me, being open to it all this has allowed me to grow.

I used to be a very anxious flyer, I had to travel with someone and definitely take Ativan. In the 25 years of my IT company I can count on 1 hand how many business trips I had taken. In the last 24 months I’m up to around 40.

I’ve been transitioning from Likky the IT guy to a business transformation coach and keynote speaker… This has been a fun ride, learning methodologies over the years that have helped 100’s of companies. This year I decided to take the leap and receive further training for my speaking.