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How I Became A Professional JailBreaker

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

As seen in APeeling - October 2019

My Profession

In the words of a previous client: “Monika broke me out of jail."

Yes, it’s true. I help people get out of jail. Not jail as in the building but jail as in the ‘prison of their mind’; the mind that is the root-cause of nagging self-doubt, deep-seated uncertainty, limiting and negative beliefs, and self-sabotaging behaviour patterns.

Supporting my clients in getting out of their ‘mental and emotional jail’ and turning their lives around is the most rewarding work I have ever done. It continually provides me with a deep sense of joy and fulfilment that I truly wish every human would experience. Finding this kind of contentment in the professional realm was possible for me only once I had started to break down my own jail of fears, doubts and limitations. It took me many years of trials and tribulations filled with continuous curiosity and engagement with all kinds of personal and spiritual growth approaches and techniques. It was not an easy journey at all but one that was worth it given the place I find myself in now.

Just to give you one example: In the early stages of my business, I had a very hard time charging for my services, let alone charging the appropriate amount. I was clearly undercharging. Having supported my friends by listening to them and giving them advice and practical support since my teenage years, it was hard for me to start charging for what I considered to be ‘normal supportive conversations’. I didn’t see the true value in myself and in my services and had to do some inner work in order to change my perception of myself as a coach and to start appreciating the value of the services I was offering to my clients.

Over the years, slowly but steadily, with my inherent German stubbornness (you could also call it persistence) I was able to create a much healthier self-esteem, a growing sense of peace and freedom within myself, along with the openness to go with the flow and the uncertainties of my life rather than resisting and trying to control them. Of particular importance has been my work with the Dalian Method over the last 3 years, which has helped me release many layers of repressed limiting thoughts and emotions. And that has ultimately transformed the prison of my own frantic, fearful mind into the freedom, joy and peace that can only come from a deep connection with one’s true Self.

Walking on that path of self-discovery and personal evolution myself is essential for my effectiveness as a coach and Dalian Method facilitator for other people as I accompany and support them on their journey.

What it Takes

To become a really good and effective coach a person needs to:

• be an active listener

• have a sincere interest in supporting their clients in achieving THEIR goals

• show compassion

• and lovingly challenge their clients whenever appropriate.

This will support them in stepping out of their comfort zone and creating the growth they intend to see happen for themselves. I also think it’s essential that professional service providers, especially in the personal development space, have had a first-hand experience of their clients’ challenges so that they are able to bring their understanding, compassion, and very best intentions to the table.

Why I Do What I Do

For me personally, it has been of paramount importance to grow my inner peace and acceptance of myself, others, and life. Without that transformation from jail into joy, I would not be where I am today. It is the acceptance and the absence of struggle with life that I want for other people more than anything.

You wonder why? Well, from my own experience, I know how much richer and more joyful life gets when I operate from a place of calm and possibility. I also know that I can contribute MUCH MORE to life and make our world a better place when I live purposefully and authentically.

My clients generally have reached a point in life where the going has gotten hard; too hard, painful, discouraging, or dissatisfactory for them to keep going without a helping hand.

• They feel stuck, confused, empty, overwhelmed, uncertain, or unhappy.

• They struggle with low self-confidence or lack of direction.

• They have hit the proverbial brick wall of the ‘jail constructed by their mind.

• They want guidance and support to work through their ‘stuff’, get to know themselves really well, and make their life more joyful and satisfying. In my role as a Personal Growth Coach and Dalian Method Facilitator, I offer my clients a safe space to explore who they really are and create a shift in how they look at themselves, their lives, and the contribution they want to make.

The work we do together leads them to transform their limiting beliefs, fears and doubts into inner strength, acceptance and clarity, and create their own uniquely meaningful and joyful lives on the solid internal foundation of their healthy Self.

What the World Needs

Here’s the deal: Our world is in dire need of MANY MORE people who come alive, live in alignment with their truth, and offer their authentic gifts ... and that’s what I’m here to help make happen. It is my mission to support my clients in creating self-directed, healthy, fulfilled, and joyful lives by offering in-person or digital coaching sessions, Dalian Method facilitation, presentations, seminars, and workshops, globally.

As I continue to break down the prison of my own limitations, doubts, and fears, and help other people do the same our world will keep becoming a better place. Wherever you find yourself on your journey of self-discovery and growth I encourage you to keep going, and to be kind to yourself in the process.

It is a courageous and important undertaking to free yourself from the jail of your frantic mind and connect to your true Self. It is equally courageous and important that people choose to become professional supporters of other people on their path of self-exploration. One group cannot succeed without the other. It’s in the collaboration and our joined efforts through which we can all learn, expand, and grow … and break down the walls of our individual and collective prisons.

Wherever you find yourself on your journey of self-discovery and growth I encourage you to keep going, and to be kind to yourself in the process.

Let’s all become jailbreakers, shall we?


Monika Becker supports her clients in their personal and professional growth


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