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Have you ever hired a company to work on your home? Did you have a good experience or a bad one?

As you sit sipping your cup of coffee, you take in the room around you and think, 'this house needs a face lift ASAP.' But who do you trust with the most valuable thing you own, your home? First thing you think of is to call your friends and ask them who they hired to update their homes. You collect a few names. Of course you trust your friends, so you trust the companies they refer, but this is a huge decision that will cost you big bucks.

Where else can you find information to make sure the company is the 'right one' for you? The Internet, you grab your computer and do a google search, after all, the more information you have, the better. You type in the company name. Google brings up some links that match your keyword search and you notice a specific link, 'the company has 23 reviews with an average of 9.4.' You click on the link and find yourself at

Google sends you to a profile page where you can read reviews written by other customers of the company. Most are good, but there is that one bad one. You notice the company has responded to all t