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Get the Most out of Ads

Updated: Jun 4, 2019

Did you know that better performing ads cost less, per click and impression, than under performing ads? 

Data analytics enable businesses to understand how the market is interacting with their content and help them to make the right tweaks for better results. Understanding how data analytics work will ensure that your ad will meet your objectives and save money.

To help marketers, data is collected and processed into what we call metrics, which are measurements of behaviour. The metrics to focus on are dependent on your objective:

Objective is traffic - Click through rate, unique visitors, cost per click 

Objective is branding - Impressions, reach, unique views, likes etc

Objective is sales - Conversion rate, average page views per visit, bounce rate 

Bounce Rate

The bounce rate is an important metric because it will enable you to understand if your ad's message matches the landing page's information. A bounce happens when a visitor who has clicked a link, backs out of the landing page instead of engaging with it. The number one reason for a bounce is that the landing page is not what the visitor expected it to be. The ad's message promised one thing and the landing page didn't deliver.

The higher the bounce rate the more expensive the click will be. 

How to Run an Ad Campaign

Step one - Determine the objective. 

What do you want the ad to get for you? Sales, followers, engagement, branding, these are some objectives that you can choose from. 

Step two - Design the landing page 

If you want people to click a link, then you'll need a landing page that your target market will find valuable and will meet your ad's objective.

Step three - Design the ad 

Create the ad based on the platform you are using, be it an adwords type ad or a social media ad. You will need to have a simple clear message, a visual (unless a basic search link only ad), and a call to action. A call to action is the thing you want the viewer to do so the ad will meet your objective. Click, call, follow, like, buy, are all calls to action that can be measured by a metric. 

Step four - Test the ad

By creating two options you can test which ad the viewers respond to best. As you analyse the data you can remove the underperforming ad. 

Step five - Analyse the data

Constantly analyse the data so you understand how people are engaging with your ad. If it isn't performing well, try changing the copy, the image, the call to action and see how people respond to the changes. If they aren't engaging with the landing page the way you want them to, then revise it and measure how they engage with the changes. Continue to perfect the ad and user experience. 

Step six - Compare to other ads

When the ad campaign has completed, analyse it's performance. How did this ad compare to other ads? Did it meet your objective? Did it hit the goals you established for it? By analysing which ads worked and which didn't by comparing them, you will be able to create better performing future ads.

The Fickle Market

The Internet is a busy place and people have too many choices available to them. What worked yesterday, may not work today, so make sure you continue to measure your ad campaigns and the results they provide you. 

If you hired an Adwords company and your bounce rates are high or your click through rates are low, you may want to re-evaluate your relationship with them because a good Adwords company will have matched ads to landing pages, picked focused keywords based on the ad and the landing page to ensure the best result at the lowest rate. 

If you have any questions or need help, send me a note to see how I can help you market the most of your marketing efforts and advertising dollars. 

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Shannon Peel is a Professional Marketing Manager and Storyteller. Her company, MarketAPeel, helps Professionals define their personal brands and tell their story through different channels, including writing their book.

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