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Choosing an Insurance Career

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

by Barzin Assadi As seen in APeeling, September 2019

A common question people ask me is how I ended up working in Insurance, and the answer is because I fell into it, which is how most people start as a Commercial Insurance Broker because the property and casualty insurance side of the business is not as well known as life Insurance.

My journey started when I finished my undergrad at SFU and the only thing I knew was, I didn’t want to be an accountant.

I graduated with a degree in economics and wanted to work in the financial business, but not banking or accounting. The University’s career advisors send out an email saying ING insurance was having an open house. All I knew about ING was ING Direct, I had no idea there was an insurance company, which it turns out is the major part of the ING business. I went to the open house at their new office on Renfrew, in a beautiful building, which I liked, where they told us about a two year rotational desk trainee program that is very tough to get into. They interview 70 - 80 people and only pick 2 or 3 for the program. Right there, I knew I had to be one of the ones they picked.

After four or five interviews, I was accepted into the program as one of the three people from the west.

We completed two years of training in Vancouver, Calgary, and Toronto, working on everything from farming, to mining to real estate. Six months before the end of the program, I was a level 2 underwriter. L