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CEOs: Transform Culture by Leveraging Art and (Neuro)Science

The term “culture” has grown by leaps and bounds since the turn of the 21st century. But how many business leaders have a firm grasp on how to assess and develop their company’s culture, engage employees to embrace it, and leverage it as a strategic asset to drive business results?

Authors Chad Carr and Matt Herzberg have neatly packaged nearly three decades of experience successfully transforming the culture of some of the most iconic and successful organizations worldwide. The Art and Science of Culture: The Power of Seeing What’s Hidden distills their lessons to equip you to notice and shape your organizational culture easily. And they help leaders see the impact to results that healthier, higher-performing cultures naturally create.

Culture has been defined as the key ingredient that defines success or failure for all companies. Combining intensive scientific research with real-world experience leading culture transformation from the inside and outside of organizations, the authors present a proven process of building strong cultural values along with a scalable framework that your organization can easily understand, take to heart, and adopt.

Here is an excerpt of the Foreword, written by iconic thought leader, speaker, and author Tom Peters:

“This book is staggeringly well-researched. I was bowled over… by some of the hard science that allows us to truly understand what go