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Want to contribute to the APeeling Magazine? 

Write a feature article of approx 1 000 words on the topic of Appealing. Be it in your life, career, business, or industry. Reserve your feature article spot today.

Why Contribute to the APeeling Magazine?

For promotion and credibility. As a third party high quality digital magazine your brand will come across as an appealing option to the marketplace.

Seeking Stories on Mentorship and Appealing


  • Clients of the MarketAPeel Agency receive column space in both the digital and print magazines

  • These columns can be about anything the company wants to write about and are 400 - 500 words

  • Clients also receive extra social media promotion with column articles being posted on our platforms

  • Columns also are showcased on other digital platforms the MarketAPeel Agency manages

Feature Articles

  • A feature article is an informative or educational article - Not a sales article about products or services

  • Anyone can submit a feature, non-sales, article of 1,000 - 1,500 words ONE TIME, for no charge

  • Prefer articles based on the word appealing, can be about anything being appealing or creating appeal. Prompts >>

  • Non-sales articles will be utilized on multiple platforms, if they appeal to the intended audience

  • Articles will be added to the publishing calendar based on available space - don't guarantee month of publishing

  • At times we have a specific feature article we need quotes and stories for, if you are interested - fill in form.

Life is Good Stories

  • These are stories about people who have struggled in life and found their way out of Life's mud pits 

  • About overcoming adversity and pushing through to a better life

  • Free ghostwriting services available, share anonymously, with pen name or real name - fill in form >>

Product / service / business Articles

  • A 3 full page article package to promote a product, like a car, house, cream, or service, are bought through and Apeeling rep. Please visit the advertising page for more information about sales articles.


  • The magazine is promoted on social media and an email subscription list

  • Articles will also receive publication on various other digital platforms to increase reach

  • Articles may be used in print magazines if they appeal to the hyper-local audience and are not sales focused


Writing Prompts

  • What aspects of your career (business) appeal to you, why, and who would be successful in your industry

  • What is your brand story? How did you develop your brand and who does it appeal to?

  • Why does your clients need a brand story or a personal brand to be successful?

  • Relate a story about a time someone found your brand, service, product, story appealing, how did it change their life?

  • How do you promote your company to the marketplace? Social media? Blogs? Websites? In person?

  • What was the biggest challenge you had when you started and how did you overcome it to appeal to clients?

  • How does your product or service fit into the marketplace and how do you differentiate yourself?


If you have a promotion or event happening? If you give us 3 months lead time - we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Do you have a free giveaway you can provide readers? This is not a requirement. Any giveaway will receive a full page advertisement in the Digital Edition.
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