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Girl's Night Out Events

Monthly Girl's night outs are events planned by the MarketAPeel Agency around BC's Lower Mainland, (Vancouver and Fraser Valley,) to promote connection in our communities and encourage new friendships to combat loneliness and disconnection in our cities.

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What's Different?

No sales pitches, panels, presentations.

The purpose of the evening is to help women come together, make new friends, and build a stronger community. We do this through games, fun activities, and engaging conversation.

Community  |  Connection  |  Camaraderie 

Disconnected in a Connected World

Social isolation is has doubled since Generation X were teenagers. More people are dying alone, without family or friends by their side. We blame society, technology, and past hurts for our self imposed isolation, but how did we really get to this place of hyper connection and increased feelings of disconnection?

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Girl's Night Out Event Locations

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Events are being planned for multiple areas around the Greater Vancouver Area and Lower Mainland. 

As venues are secured links to events will be added here.


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