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Brand Storytelling Audit

What brand story are you

really telling your ideal audience? 

Your digital brand story is a bunch of disconnected sound bites, most of which your ideal audience doesn't see or process if they do see it. 

If you read the first chapter, the middle chapter, and the last chapter of a book before writing a book report. -

What grade would you get?


It isn't the intent of your story that matters, it is the interpretation. If you want your message to land the way you intended, you need someone to tell you what they think you are trying to tell them. 

Ensure you are telling the story you want to tell with a MarketAPeel Brand Storytelling audit.

What Your Brand Storytelling Audit Includes:

Social Media Story Audit

Social media story audit - up to 3 platforms

1 hour coaching and review of audit

Full Digital Brand Storytelling Audit

Social Media audit - up to 3 platforms 

Google search keyword audit

Website copy audit - up to 5 pages

Blog copy audit - most recent 10 posts

PR audit - press mentions and guest interview/ posting

SEO Backlink audit - what google is told about you

2 hour coaching and review of audit

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