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MarketAPeel Worksheets

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Worksheet One: Values

Define your core values and discover stories you can tell on social media to communicate who you are as a brand to your ideal audience. 

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Write Your Story 

Each month you will discover new writing prompts to help you write your story. Whether you want to create content for social media or dive deeper into yourself through journaling, you will find value in this exercise.

  • What was your daily life like before the Coronavirus?

  • What was it like during lock down or physical distancing?

  • How did your professional life change?

  • How did your personal relationships change?

  • Describe the world you saw during lockdown and after.

  • What is your life like now?

  • What did you learn about yourself during this time?

  • What did you learn about your family during this time?

  • What new behaviours do you want to take with you into the future?

APeeling Challenges

Join a challenge and work with others to grow your social media or get support in writing your story in your journal. Each challenge has a forum section dedicated to it. Share images, feedback, ask for help, and discover supportive people to help you.

  • The 1 week Social Media Challenge Level 1

    7 Days


  • MarketAPeel For You (Anyone)

    Jul 27, 2020 • 1 Participant


  • Write Your Story One Week Challenge

    1 Week • 1 Participant


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