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The That's Life ebook is an interactive, multimedia dynamic experience.  It is more than a book -

It is a course, community, and coach all rolled into one. 


Advanced readers will be able to participate as the book is created, being a part of the process and gaining insights to help them tell their brand stories to the marketplace. 


It is a book with videos, podcasts, downloadable worksheets, and more to help you define your brand story and tell it to the marketplace. 


Advanced copy holders receive:


1. Access to each section as it is created 

2. Ability to provide feedback and make it better

3. Opportunities to add your brand stories to the book

4. Backstage access to the process 




As the process unfolds, you will have a unique experience that will enhance your brand storytelling efforts and give you the opportunity to stand out in the marketplace as the go to person on your preferred topic. 



Get started today! 




That's Life ebook - Advanced Copy


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