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Updated: Jun 4, 2019

Connection between people is an important part our our mental health

Connection is really important and I have so many questions around it. Like, what is it, and not the dictionary definition, but what is it really? Sometimes you really click with someone, and other times you just don't even if you want to. Too often what we thought was a deep connection turns out to be the least reliable. As we grow, connections change and we can struggle to catch up or accept that we've been left behind. Join me as I examine connection.

Why do we need connection? Why can't we just be happy to be home alone all the time?

I'm a loner, an independent person, and I've spent a lot time alone over the last five to seven years. I have learned that even though I like to be alone, I need connection in order to survive in order to be happy, and I wish it wasn't so.

How can we get more of it and better at Connecting and build deeper connections, not only with other people, but also with ourselves?

I struggle with the disconnection between my emotions, and my rational mind. My brain says one thing and my heart says another. It's disconnected. I am working on trying to find out how I can connect the two together to feel more whole. (Update - I've found more connection between the two after working hard at understanding the disconnection.)

There's also connections with families.

Have you ever wondered if your connections are as strong as you think they are? That your kids and parents value you as much as you value them? Have people let you down because they weren't who you hope they would be?

We all have bad days. We all have times when the powers that be in the Universe, love to give us that good old right hook, and sometimes, that right hook comes with an uppercut, that's when you really need help. However, when you turn around those friends whom you thought were going to be there aren't and those connections you thought were so valuable, turned out to be fools gold.

Why are we so fooled by the good feeling of connection? And why do we ignore those people who have our backs and are there for us? Why do we want those who do not value us?

Connecting with our kids.

Have you ever felt like you didn't know what was going on with your kids?

As a mom, I can tell you when mine became teenagers, I had no clue, and that drove me nuts. It's part of growing up, they're supposed to want to leave the nest, we are supposed to want them to leave. But I wasn't ready for them to stop being at my side every day. I'm still not and they've flown the nest to strike out on their own.

Let me tell you, the empty nest thing is really, really, really hard. There are plenty of mommy and me classes when we give birth to these special people. There is always support to be found for new moms. However, there are no support groups for when your kids screw off into the world and leave you behind on your own, by yourself, trying to figure out - what now and that can be really hard.

The connection changes. It's not gone, it is different.

How many people are you truly connected with?

In today's world of virtual connections, we have a complex address book in our hands. We know our connection's phone numbers, we know their birthdays, we know more about people than we've ever known before, without even meeting them. So we should be more connected, right? I mean, the phone numbers right there, in our hands.

I get it, we're busy, we don't have time for those deeper connections with people. You tell a friend, hey, we should have coffee one day, and then the next thing you know, the kids are 10 years older and you haven't made any time for coffee.

Still, you know everything about your friends and their kids, because you've been watching them on Facebook. You're connected to people, you know what's going on in their live. But is that a real connection, one that you can count on in life?

We don't need to catch up with other people in the real world because we have already read about them on their Facebook page. So why even bother having coffee?

I help my clients to connect with their ideal audience, their potential customers, by telling their stories. I believe that only connecting them with people online is missing a big part of connection. There has to be a real world component to cement the connection and create real trust. This is why I'm creating an agency that has a sales department and a marketing department that work together and connect with people in the real world on behalf of our clients. I will be creating departments to give clients the opportunity to connect with their ideal audiences in the real world without putting on a sales pitch or a show.

Maybe I'm wrong.

Maybe all we need to feel connected to be connected is a Facebook profile and a phone number on our hand held devices. However, as I sit here working in a quiet house alone for the ninth day straight, I believe that virtual is not enough.

What are your thoughts about connection? Let me know in the comments.

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