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MarketAPeel is bringing together stories about overcoming adversity for an anthology to inspire others who are in the middle of struggle to keep trying. MarketAPeel is a publisher looking for storytellers to share their stories in an inspirational anthology.

Through story people can be inspired to push on when life is hitting hard and they have no idea where to turn. In stories they can find ideas to help them make the choices they need to make. With story they can feel they are no longer alone and others understand what they are going through. Stories can help people to change their attitudes and find the strength to change their narrative. Storytelling is the best way to connect with audiences.

When I was in the muck and mud of life's pits, I wrote a novel about five middle aged women figuring out life in the 21st Century called #ThatsLife. Writing the story was therapeutic and helped me to see how I was getting in the way of my own path to success.

If you would like to share your story to help inspire others,

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Stories of Inspiration

If you've been through the mud of life and come out the other side, you are an inspiration to others who are still in the mud. By sharing your story with others you build your personal brand and help motivate a person. Although this is a wonderful benefit of being in the book, it's not the only one. I want to make sure you are compensated as well.

How Compensation Works

When the book is published, proceeds from online sales will be shared by the authors and MarketAPeel.

Authors will be provided with a discount purchase price and they will keep the difference between the discounted price and the sale price without having to distribute profits. 

Is There Free Writing Support?

Yes there will be guidance to help you flesh out your story, organize your thoughts, and stay on track for deadlines. There is no charge, fee, etc for this support.

How Many Pages Does the Story Need to Be?

Everyone's story will be of varying length due to the nature of stories and writing. We recommend your stories be 15-30 pages in length. Font: 12 Spacing 1.5. If you come up a bit short or a bit longer, don't panic, we aren't the army. We will work with it.

Does it Cost Money?

No cost for participating. If you submit a ready for publishing version of your story to be added to the book, there is no cost to you. 

If you want MarketAPeel to ghostwrite your story there is a fee.

Need Help Writing Your Story?

If you need help writing your story, MarketAPeel does offer ghostwriting services where we record an interview with you, transcribe it, and rewrite your story. These services range from $500 - $1000 depending on the length of the project. 

Now What?

Reserve your story's spot to receive more information about the process.

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