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The MarketAPeel Agency helps you define your brand story and then creates the content to tell your story to the marketplace on various platforms using a multimedia approach. Discover MarketAPeel's services for yourself. >>


Creating MarketAPeel for Clients

MarketAPeel has helped clients write and publish their books, create websites, social media content, and designed printed marketing materials. Discover what MarketAPeel has done for its clients for yourself. >>

The MarketAPeel Agency tells brand stories by creating content for various channels both digitally and in print. Whether you need social media content, explainer videos, a website, a presentation, a book, or anything in between, MarketAPeel can help tell your story 

Creating MarketAPeel

Getting to the Core of Your Story

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APeeling Digital Magazine

MarketAPeel brings together client stories and guest contributors to publish the APeeling digital magazine. Designed to be easy to navigate with social media stylized content throughout, it is packed full of real stories, by real people, with real solutions to life and work. Discover the APeeling Digital Magazine for yourself. >>

APeeling Membership

APeeling members enjoy the benefits of access to the APeeling content library to download social media content they can post to tell their stories. They also are provided with support to help them define their personal brand, create social media posts, personal development journaling, and business goals. Discover all the benefits to membership for yourself.>>


UnPeeled Podcast

UnPeeled is a podcast where guests share their stories and the lessons they learned along the way. Discover the UnPeeled Podcast stories for yourself. >>

A Peeled Blog

A Peeled is a blog with real stories, by real people, with real solutions to life and work, which were featured in past issues of the APeeling digital magazine . Discover the APeeled Blog for yourself. >>



BookAPeel Store

Drop by BookAPeel to find books MarketAPeel has written, helped write, and published along with a list of books written by contributors of APeeling. Discover the book store for yourself. >>

BookAPeel Journals

The BookAPeel Store features a number of different journals for people who want to write their thoughts down, jot down their to do lists, or keep their dreams ready at hand to build a better life. Discover the journals for yourself. >>



Shannon is able to craft online mass marketing materials ie. E-newsletters, blog posts - that are engaging and interesting. I would recommend her to businesses seeking this type of service from a creative individual who understands the online media world, keywords and SEO.