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Mondays - SEO

We start the show talking about SEO with a task for you to improve your search engine optimisation to make your way to the front page of Google so people can find you when they are looking for your services. After which, Shannon will introduce you to the world of RAYL.Market to help you improve your exposure in and outside of the RAYL Community

Tuesdays - Social Media

Your audience becomes aware of you and your business on social media, however, do they really know what you offer and does your efforts inspire curiosity to move further into your brand story? Together we will explore the noisy world of social media and how you can start making a bigger impact. After which Shannon will review RAYL.Chat and how to better connect with those on the platform. 


Wednesdays - Business Showcase

Stop in and discover the origin story of some of our RAYL members, what they have learned, and how the overcame the pitfalls along the way. We will talk about the issues all entrepreneurs face and how RAYL is helping small businesses to succeed in this ever-changing world. If you are a RAYL Business Network member ($59) and you want to be interviewed,Click here to book your interview day. 


Thursdays - On Writing

Discover best writing practices and how to write for the digital world. This isn't a grammar lesson as much as it is a discussion on how people engage with content online and which kind of content you need to be creating to engage your audience in your brand story. Learn why writing for different platforms like RAYL.News is important for your brand story. 



Fridays - Call to Action

Every story ends before we move on to the next story. In the world of brand storytelling this is where we put a call to action to motivate people to commit to our brand. We'll talk about the decision making and buy portion of our funnels to close business. Shannon will explore RAYL Marketplace where RAYL Associates can sell their products and services online.

Saturdays - It's the Weekend

It's a great day to sit back with a cup of coffee and get to know each other. To ask questions about what we talked about this week and check in with the action you took to tell your brand story to the marketplace. Ask questions about your brand story, RAYL platforms, or marketing strategies. RAYL is all about building a community

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