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Write Your Story One Week Challenge

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We all have a story, a legacy, a memoir. Sites like give us dates and places but they don't give us the stories. Ever wonder why your grandparents moved to a different country or how they met? Are you curious about what it was like being a teenager for your mother? Some people want to know about their family stories, their roots, or how they are similar to a member from a previous generation. Many have taken their stories to their graves and relied on family historians to tell the story. But it takes less than a generation for those stories to be lost or changed due to embellishments and poor memories. This challenge will help you start out on a path to write your story, so your kids and grandkids will know you as they age to maturity. In today's technological world we have facebook etc to hold our stories. What happens if Facebook goes down? Won't happen? I'm sure people said the same thing about Sears. We don't know. If anything - this challenge will help you either write a memoir for your family or social media posts for your friends. What do you need? Journal Pen or a computer

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