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Shannon's Thoughts

We are living in a world of fear but we don't

need to succumb to it.


 I just launched a new product, a digital magazine called, Your Own Magazine. A customizable digital platform with flipbook features for readers on computers and laptops. For mobile device readers, a special version to make readability and interaction on the smaller screens more enjoyable. 

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Our primal minds are all about survival and when it feels something is wrong deep down in our gut, it wants the feeling to go away, so it cycles through problems, stressors, and regrets trying to determine the threat causing the feeling. When we consciously analyze the situation. Break it down. We discover the situation is not as scary as we thought...

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 John felt like he was always flying off the handle with his team at work. It seemed like everyone was unhappy and no one was good at their job. After his team missed yet another deadline, he brought them together to discuss the problem and find a solution. . 

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While there has been much public discourse in the last few years about leader character, these discussions seem to be only amplified in the media when a breach of trust occurs or a gross display of a lack of integrity is demonstrated by a public figure or leader. There is not enough discussion about good and bad examples of character in the day-to-day operations of our organizations.

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Fear is a strong emotion meant to keep us safe from the real dangers to our well-being, health, and lives. In today’s world, we fear unreal dangers, which are introduced to us through news, Hollywood, marketing, and our political leaders. The more we have, the more we fear losing it and then we spend more energy protecting what we have than risking to get more.

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Goals are an important ingredient of success. But should you have a big scary goal or goals which are believable and achievable? Cameron Chell has a goal process so he can achieve the impossible. He shares his process in APeeling.

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Are you planting Bananas & expecting to pick Cucumbers? In my experience life is all about cause and effect, do you remember learning at school that every action has an equal and opposite reaction?  

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