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Shannon's Thoughts

As the Stark’s keep telling us, 

“Winter is Coming” and this winter will be like no other before it. 


As the second wave of the Coronavirus is beginning to rise up, governments in the Northern Hemisphere are evaluating which restrictions to put into place to keep the number of cases manageable for their healthcare systems. 

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During a Netflix binge I became curious about something my aunt told me when I was a teenager. What I discovered was a more interesting story.

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You think your boss is a jerk and then you and your family run into him at the local coffee shop and you are surprised to discover he is funny, interesting, and thoughtful. You don’t understand why your wife keeps saying she’s fat when she really isn’t. Your best friend is forever boasting and being confrontational with you, saying things you know they don’t mean. 

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The pace of change, the uncertainty of outcome, the complexity of decision making and the ambiguity of facts are making it harder for leaders to make an impact. One of the best ways to face these interesting times with confidence is to take on a growth mindset. What is a growth mindset? Let me illustrate with a story.

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Owning it is a mindset that says, if something goes wrong and others are at a disadvantage, you own the outcome of your work. It means that when you invest time and resources on something that fails, you suffer a setback because you care about the outcome. When you don’t own something, if it fails it doesn’t impact you because if it doesn’t work, so what, it didn’t hurt you,...

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Goals are an important ingredient of success. But should you have a big scary goal or goals which are believable and achievable? Cameron Chell has a goal process so he can achieve the impossible. He shares his process in APeeling.

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When you wake up what is the first thing you do? Shannon Peel asked her connections on LinkedIn what they do every morning to determine if her morning routine needed any changes. Discover what others do in the morning and some tips and tricks about starting your day right.

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