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This subscription is limited, as we only onboard 4 people per week.


An email showcasing your presentation is sent to 80 - 100 unique people a day. Over a 12 month period it adds up to thousands of event / meeting planners who will see your presentation, bio, and link to your landing page.


On average we send your presentation to enough people to be opened by:


          30 unique people a day

    150 unique people a week

  600 unique people a month

7 000 unique people a year



The Purpose:

This is a marketing tool to get your brand seen by the right people.  We are not a booking agent. It is our goal to send traffic to your website or landing page.



Why do we do it this way?

Because it works and we are able to consistently get an over 60% open rate on recent email addresses and events. This way you are seen by everyone we find and don't miss out out! Everyone we put into the vertical will see you as they work their way through the email series.



We email the following:


  • Professional Associations
  • Conference Organizers
  • Corporate Event Planners
  • Virtual Summits
  • Podcasters
  • Corporations 
  • Governments
  • Universities


The list includes multiple industries in:


  • Canada
  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Ireland
  • Austraila 
  • New Zealand



Your Introduction Email includes:


  • 3 things audiences want to know
  • Your presentation title / description 
  • A link to your website / landing page
  • Your bio 


Each email introduces 1 speaker and that's it.  



Have questions? 


Attend a speaking as a marketing channel informational event or book a time to talk to Shannon 


Please book a time to talk to Shannon Peel if you have questions.


Get Booked Email Monthly

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