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Each week you will receive an email with links to forms to apply to speak to association's members and apply to be a podcast guest.


Links are to forms you will need to fill out to be considered to speak. Each association and group have their own requirements and interests, which you will need to be aware of before you apply. There will be a mix of different types of organizations, industries, and opportunities for you to choose. 



The links are for multiple professional association industries here are a list of a few of the industries:



Business Networking




Financial Investing

Human Resources



Podcasters (various topics)

Real Estate

Small Business 



What types of stages?


Virtual webinars

Podcast Interviews

Some are paid, most are free 


For free stages, you can give an offer, share your book, or ask them to book a time to chat with you via a calendar booking link.


Paid stages don't usually allow for offers or selling from stage.  .


Associations organize different types of events they could approach you to see if you'd be interested in participating.



How is this different than the directory?


This list is included in your directory listing subscription.


This list does not include conferences or events with set dates and application deadlines. These links are for ongoing opportunities to speak, like podcasts, webinars, virtual lunch n learns.


You get the links to fill in the forms.



Apply to Speak List of Opportunities

Apply to Speak Email
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