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You want to be seen as an expert,

the go to person in your industry but ...


You have too much to do and you need someone to help you get to the next level.

MarketAPeel's brand storytelling agency helps people, just like you, discover their brand story, tell the right story to the right people, and build out their digital footprint to guide audiences from brand awareness to brand advocacy.


We start with who you are and who your best customers are. Then we craft a story that clearly tells people why they need your solution to their problem. Finally, we build your story's digital footprint along your customer's buying journey.

 With the right people in your marketing funnel being guided along their customer journey, you will spend more time talking to qualified leads who want your solution to their problem.

Start telling your BRAND STORY today!

Who is our Brand Storytelling Agency for?

The MarketAPeel Brand Storytelling Agency is for organizations who want a full service option to develop a strategy, create content, and build out platforms for a marketing funnel to meet customers along their buying journey. 

We take a limited number of clients on at the Agency level, if you'd like to apply please click the button. 

Who Agency for

Why Hire a Brand Storytelling Agency?

Storytelling is a powerful marketing tool that has a lasting

and cumulative affect on audiences. It enables brands to pre-qualify leads

by connecting with the right audiences and disqualifying those

whom they don't want in their marketing funnel.



Stories give brands a personality and a role to play in the customer's buying journey, which helps to create loyal brand advocates who identify strongly with the brand's message, values, and community. 

Think about your favourite brand. 

You have a personal story with that brand and how it has provided you with solutions to your problems, fulfilled your needs, and added to your own personal brand identity. If you want your customers to feel connected to your business, you need a brand that is more than a logo and a website. MarketAPeel Brand Storytelling Agency will help you go deeper.

Why Hire

Brand Community

Likeminded Community

The MarketAPeel community brings together business owners, professionals, experts, thought leaders to connect.

Brand Consulting

Provide a Roadmap

We create a detailed set of customised tasks for you to tell your brand story and build your digital footprint.

Brand Coaching

Guided System

CreateAPeel programs are designed to guide you through the process of creating brand awareness.

Brand Publicity

Get Interviewed & Published

We help clients find publicity to expand their digital footprints and we offer publicity with our own media platforms

How a Brand Storytelling Agency Helps YOU.

Our managed services department starts by working with you to define your brand, its story, image, and values. 

Then we create content to tell your brand story to the marketplace and systematically build out each stage of your brand story marketing funnel to expand your digital footprint and meet your customers along their buying journey.

Full Service

Brand Storytelling Agency


MarketAPeel's Full Service Brand Storytelling maps out your audience's journey through your digital footprint to bring them into your funnel and start moving them through from Awareness to Retention using 5 steps.

1. Create Awareness

2. Create Credibility

3. Create a Platform

4. Create a Community

5. Create an Action

With our full service program we help define the story, build the digital footprint, and create the content to engage your audience.

Monthly service fee.

How We Help

Brand Story Consulting


Just the Plan No content

MarketAPeel's Consulting Brand Storytelling creates a plan of action for you based on your specific business. We:

1. Audit your current Digital Footprint

2. Research your industry & competition

3. Create a plan of action for you

4. Check in to ensure tasks are completed

5. Audit your progress and results

Our consulting services provide you with a full plan and outlines the tasks you need to do to build your digital footprint and tell your brand story. We make the plan, you create the content, and build the digital footprint.


Drop into an event to learn more about MarketAPeel

Événements à venir

  • Story of Women Discussion
    Story of Women Discussion
    Plusieurs dates
    mer. 22 mai
    22 mai 2024, 11:00 – 12:00
    Learn to cast yourself as the hero of your story.
  • BrandAPeel: Build Your Brand
    BrandAPeel: Build Your Brand
    Plusieurs dates
    mar. 28 mai
    28 mai 2024, 08:00 – 9:00
    Craft your story
  • CreateAPeel: Speaking as a Marketing Channel
    CreateAPeel: Speaking as a Marketing Channel
    Plusieurs dates
    jeu. 18 avr.
    18 avr. 2024, 13:00 – 14:00
    Create an appealing speakers brand to get booked
  • Publish Your Digital Book Workshop
    Publish Your Digital Book Workshop
    Plusieurs dates
    mer. 13 mars
    13 mars 2024, 13:00 – 16 mars 2024, 13:00
    Create an interactive, multimedia, digital book
  • Live Healthy (1)
    Live Healthy (1)
    mar. 07 nov.
    07 nov. 2023, 08:00 UTC−8 – 08 nov. 2023, 10:00 UTC−8
    How to be healthier both physically and mentally
  • Live Healthy
    Live Healthy
    lun. 06 nov.
    06 nov. 2023, 08:00 – 10:00
    How to be healthier both physically and mentally
  • jeu. 24 août
    24 août 2023, 13:00 – 14:00
    Fall Session topics update and information on next steps
  • APeeling Series Information Session
    APeeling Series Information Session
    Plusieurs dates
    jeu. 27 juil.
    27 juil. 2023, 16:00 UTC−7 – 28 juil. 2023, 16:00 UTC−7
    How to get in front of your ideal audience and use speaking as a marketing channel to sell your products and services
  • CreateAPeel Funnel Building Workshop
    CreateAPeel Funnel Building Workshop
    Plusieurs dates
    sam. 22 juil.
    22 juil. 2023, 10:00 – 23 juil. 2023, 17:00
    Build your marketing to meet your ideal customer where they are and get your multi platform funnel build in 4 days. (1 day a week)
  • Story of Women
    Story of Women
    mer. 28 juin
    28 juin 2023, 11:00
    Cast yourself as the hero of your story.
  • Marketing Funnel Mini Course
    Marketing Funnel Mini Course
    mar. 20 juin
    20 juin 2023, 11:00 UTC−7 – 21 juin 2023, 13:00 UTC−7
    Learn the ins and out of a marketing funnel and why you need oneStarting at 11am PST = 2pm PST
  • Stand Out Event
    Stand Out Event
    Offre abonnés
    mer. 14 juin
    14 juin 2023, 13:00 – 14:00
    Discuss how to stand out online
  • Achievement Symposium
    Achievement Symposium
    Plusieurs dates
    ven. 09 juin
    09 juin 2023, 08:00 – 10:00
    How to achieve what you want in life and work
  • Office Hour for Speakers  (1)
    Office Hour for Speakers  (1)
    Plusieurs dates
    ven. 26 mai
    Virtual Meeting
    26 mai 2023, 12:00 – 13:00 UTC−7
    Virtual Meeting
    Weekly virtual meeting to update, coach, and meet presenters
  • Media Impact Symposium
    Media Impact Symposium
    lun. 15 mai
    15 mai 2023, 08:00 – 19 mai 2023, 10:00
    How to create a media empire for your brand
  • Embrace Equity Book Launch
    Embrace Equity Book Launch
    jeu. 11 mai
    11 mai 2023, 10:00 – 10:30
    The book is ready for the world
  • Modern Man: How to Succeed as a Man in the 21st Century
    Modern Man: How to Succeed as a Man in the 21st Century
    Offre abonnés
    lun. 01 mai
    on Zoom
    01 mai 2023, 08:00 – 05 mai 2023, 10:00
    on Zoom
    Are you struggling to achieve the success you want in life and work? For 5 days professionals who help men achieve the success they want will be discussing the question - "How can you Succeed as a Man in the 21st Century?"
  • Beyond Trauma Book Launch Party
    Beyond Trauma Book Launch Party
    mar. 25 avr.
    25 avr. 2023, 13:00 – 14:00
    Launch of Multimedia, Interactive, Digital Book
Shannon - I'm listening trans.png

Shannon Peel
Brand Storyteller

Brand Storyteller, podcaster, blogger, content creator, digital magazine publisher, and novelist

Shannon Peel is the creative force behind the MarketAPeel Brand.  She works from her home office overlooking life in Downtown Vancouver, BC Canada. Though she grew up in small town BC, she has always been a city girl at heart and started living her dream in her mid 40s after her kids grew up and struck out on their own. 

Her hard work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit are in her DNA as multigenerational Peel family values, which she has passed on to the next generation along with her independent streak. People describe her as intelligent, quick witted, and creative, all things she takes pride in as she values intelligent thought and solution based productivity.


MarketAPeel reflects her values and vision.

Nous créons du contenu pour informer la marque  Histoires.

Le système MarketAPeel est un service complet  processus créé par Shannon Peel sur la base de ses années d'expérience dans les ventes, le marketing, la publicité, la narration et l'écriture. En rassemblant les leçons apprises dans la promotion des entreprises, en racontant des histoires et en vendant des services, Shannon a créé une méthode complète  développer une stratégie où toutes les actions s'appuient les unes sur les autres pour raconter une histoire de marque, vendre le produit ou le service et gérer les attentes des clients afin d'améliorer l'expérience client globale. 

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