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PHSP: Private Health Services Plan

Business Owners can create flexible health care plans, incentives, and bonuses for their employees, which will not increase the employees' personal income tax. In other words they pay for their health care needs with non taxable funds.

Business Owners are able to pay for the health care services they need and deduct those personal healthcare expenses against their corporate business income to reduce their tax bill.

Group benefit plans offer restrictive benefit dollar limits with increasing premiums and decreasing benefits. A Private health plan has no limits and covers more health services plus any dollar amounts in the plan at the end of the year can be rolled over and used in the future, while the tax deduction for that year is utilized.

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Save 20% to 30% on Health Benefit Plan Costs

For incorporated individuals, business owners and professionals, WinFlex takes the form of a Health & Welfare Trust (HWT) sanctioned by the Canada Revenue Agency. These employee ‘bank accounts’ are 100% tax deductible to the corporation and considered a non-taxable benefit to the employee. They are used exclusively to finance the health and dental expenses of the business owner, employees and their family members.

Have your insurance costs been doubling every three to four years?

We have an affordable new solution.

WinFlex offers an innovative self-insurance model that puts control back in the employer’s hands. You only pay for the healthcare expenses that you and your employees actually incur. If the money is not spent that year, excess funds roll over indefinitely and can be used for a broader range of health services – unlike traditional plans or group insurance.

Do you pay far more in premiums that you ever receive in benefits?


What’s more, a stop-loss insurance option we call WinFlex Stop-Loss limits the amount you’ll ever have to pay on a large unexpected health claim and gives you global health extras.



Winflex has the most amazing turnaround time out there….my money was back in my account within a day of submitting my claim

Debra B.

Winflex has the most user friendly process. Submitting claims has never been easier and I have access to my account balance whenever I need it

Jennifer T.

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