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The Place for Fear

As seen in APeeling in November 2020

Fear is a strong emotion meant to keep us safe from the real dangers to our well-being, health, and lives. In today’s world, we fear unreal dangers, which are introduced to us through news, Hollywood, marketing, and our political leaders. The more we have, the more we fear losing it and then we spend more energy protecting what we have than risking to get more.

Anxiety is on the rise in teens and young adults, as they strive to do everything they need to do in a day. It is becoming an epidemic in our society as people live in fear of losing, being judged, and failing. Many give up or don’t even try because fear tells them they won’t make it so, they might as well escape into movies, video games, social media, alcohol, drugs, or a host of other addictive escapist behaviors.

Some people wake up afraid of what will happen next, when the shoe will drop, which curve ball will hit them, or when the which rug will be pulled. The more these people fear, the more their fears are proven right as they lose again and again. If you are in a place of fear, you’ve already lost. If you dwell or ruminate in a place of fear, you are in a losing position.

To overcome your fears and move forward, acknowledge it, understand what you are afraid of, and then decide if the fear is real or manufactured.

How much money do you have in the bank? How much do you need to make rent? What will it take to get it? Can you get a job? If you cannot find work, can you find a project or a con- tract? Have you looked hard enough? Be honest with yourself. Have you truly done everything you possibly can to find work to pay the bills? You may not like the solution, but you have to realize it is only a short-term situation and you can handle the situation by making the necessary choices to move forward.

I have found people I can trust throughout my life and have surrounded myself with helpful people by being helpful myself I start by helping others first and learning about them as I do, this way I find the people I can trust to help me when I have confidence cracks.

I’ve been afraid. I know what it feels like to be disappointed. I’ve been anxious. I have believed I wasn’t enough and didn’t have what it took. I know the taste of fear. I just don’t swallow it. I roll the fear around in my mouth, use my other senses to touch it, smell it, experience it, to get to know the edges of it. I know what I don’t want to happen. I know what I do want to happen. I understand what I am really afraid of, and then, I drive myself past it.

Anthony Gruppo is an international CEO, speaker, and author. This is an excerpt from his book Pushers of the Possible available on Amazon. For more information go to

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