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The Giveback

What’s next for Racial Equity? Converting interest into Action

When my 15 year old white son watched the videos of George Floyd being publicly exe-cuted by white police men, he said with his head down: ‘by the time I grow up, white men will be the most hated on earth and they will be killed on the streets for this.”

It was hard to debate that point of view.

I wonder what 15-year-old black teens felt as they watched it. What did their black parents tell them about their future? I don’t want to trade places with her.

Here are some facts. Racism was invented by white people, using weapons and violence to oppress in order to gain more wealth and more power.

Racism was born out of fear, turned into greed – which is fear of not having enough. Throughout history, the people who didn’t directly oppress others due to the colour of their skin, did it indirectly by being quiet about it, and silently reaping the benefits. Some of the biggest insurers, such as Lloyds of London, publicly admitted last month that they made their fortune from the slave trade, by insuring the slave ships, and their company is the still the most underrepresented when it comes to diversity in the entire insurance industry.

We know. But we accept it and we carry on with our daily chores and online shopping.

Why do we do this?

White privilege is not about majority - 80% of the world population is non-white.

Economy wise, South America, China, and India - largely non-white regions, hold the majority of the world’s economic power. So how come such a small sector of the population, without a monopoly on economic advantage, hold power when defining the standards of white privilege?

I really don’t know. But why do we allow it?

When we watch the news and other media platforms hatred is running rampant, but is it true? Is there more hatred than compassion in the world as of today?

What I do know is I can simply choose to act. If I don’t even try to make a difference for future generations, I am as cruel and greedy in my violent apathy as the human traffickers were during the slave trade and sadly, still are today.

I have setup the Giveback because at my core essence I know that I have enough, and that there is enough for everyone in the world. We just don’t distribute it evenly.

I also know there are enough people in the world who believe the same. So many people have expressed that they want to help in the aftermath of the BLM movement, but they simply don’t know who needs the most help, where to go, how to donate, or how to proceed.

We need a place to come together and give back our surplus as an investment in our futures and our children’s future. I know enough about finance technology and I wanted to create an exchange for people and nonprofits. The same way we can find food and dates online, we can also match Donors and Nonprofits and Givers and Receivers, people who want to simply connect and know each other.

We can monitor the growth and reinvest and redistribute efforts. Kind of like a human capital portfolio. We have all the tools in the world at our disposal.

And maybe when our children grow up, they won’t need to write articles like these any-more and they can just play and grow and that will be enough.

Discover more about Paula Curteanu’s new venture making a difference.

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