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Innovating the Recycling Industry

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

As seen in the January 2020 APeeling Issue

We all want to do our part and recycle our waste so it doesn’t end up in landfills, however our efforts are not resulting in a cleaner world or a cleaner home with overflowing collection bins waiting for someone to empty them.

A solution to our garbage problem is being designed by Zero Waste Inc. with a new collection system, which resolves the problem of inefficiency across the whole recycling industry and makes our lives cleaner and easier.

Collection, Sorting, and Conversion

The solution starts with a new collection Zero machine, which scans the materials in our hands and provides instructions to get rid of the contamination. Say you have a paper coffee cup with a lid and it is 1/3 full of cold coffee, the machine will scan the item, ask you to pour out the coffee, and then tell you which bin to put the lid in and which one to put the cup in. To incentivize people it has a points system, which companies can utilize to reward their clients.

Since the machine scans the item on the molecular level, it can ensure the material is sorted without contamination and shreds it into raw materials at point of collection. Once the bin is filled with shredded material, the machine then wraps it with a compostable plastic and stamps it with a bar-code. The bar-code is then uploaded onto an e-commerce site for manufacturers to purchase, all before the cup has left the premises.

Transportation & Manufacturing

The need for large sized garbage trucks to collect the materials will be gone because the packages can be picked up by more energy efficient vehicles. The packages of raw materials will be sorted for transport to the closest manufacturers, who have purchased the materials. For added efficiency, they can be delivered by the post office or a courier company.

Zero Waste Inc. new system will reduce the cost of the recycling process from collection to delivery to manufacturer by 90%. Yes, 90%, which will make the recycling industry a profitable option to manufacturers rather than being subsidised by the taxpayer. Municipalities will save money in collection with cheaper vehicles to pick up the packages and removing the cost of sorting the material to sell to companies who manage the material and deliver it to the manufacturers. Since the costs of collection, sorting, and transportation have been reduced the cost of the recycled raw material for manufacturers can be lower than using new resources, thereby ensuring a profitable use for our garbage.

Watch this video, which shows how the Zer0 system works.

What do you think of this new innovation? (Add your comments below.)

I am certain it will disrupt a whole industry and make our world a cleaner place. Keep following me on social media and make sure you subscribe to APeeling to find out more about how James Boskovic and his team discovered this solution and what it means for the Waste Management Industry.


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