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How can I Get Noticed by People on Social Media?

Updated: Jan 27

Give people on social reasons to follow your story

You need to show them your story and give them something interesting to engage with, which in the noise of social media can be time consuming and difficult. Here are some ideas: share special offers, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and entertaining facts. Post regularly and engage with other people’s content so they will come over and check out your content.

Tip: Don’t bother commenting on posts with lots of comments and lots of likes. Just like your posts, your comments will get lost and chances are, the person has someone else monitoring the profile, so you aren’t really engaging with them.

Find posts by people who have a few comments on them and a few likes so you know they have an engaged audience, which they engage with, and they will respond to your message. You want engaged followers, not just followers.

Create multimedia content

Post photos, graphics, and video to engage your audience in different ways. Don’t be boring, change it up and continually test new ideas. However, make sure you are consistent in your posting, and you stay within your brand messaging guidelines. Don’t have brand messaging guidelines, well – You my friend need to become a MarketAPeel member and start creating your brand story with MarketAPeel – Level 1 membership is free to get you started.

Tip: People need some repetition to get a message through their skulls and deep into their minds. Repeat your message using the same layout and message with different images or different media styles. Cycle three messages through for a month and then switch it up and start telling a different part of the story with a new objective and goal.

Tend to the Followers who Engage with You

We may not really have the attention span of a goldfish, but we do have the patience of one. People expect you to respond in a timely manner and acknowledge when they share, retweet, or mention you. If they put in the effort to promote you – it’s only polite to say thank you. This means you need to listen to your social and ensure that you are constantly checking in and paying attention.

Tip: The constant on and off of social media can result in a loss of productivity and an increase in time wasting zombie scroll brain, so have a strategic process. Block time in your day to go into your chosen platform, engage with other’s posts, respond to comments on yours, and then jump off. If you find yourself mindlessly watching paint dry, no matter how cool it looks, shut it down and go back when you can better focus on your specific tasks. If you practice this enough, soon you will be able to focus on the task and get out. Saving you time and creating a highly productive and efficient way to manage your social media. Want help? MarketAPeel has step by step challenges to help you get focused on what you need to do on social media and keep track of what is getting in your way.

Capitalize on each of the platform’s strengths

Do not take a one size fits all approach. Create content to take advantage of how people use each social media platform. Better yet, choose one or two platforms to focus on. If you feel the need to be on all the platforms, hire someone to manage the ones you don’t enjoy and give them a brand messaging guidebook to help them make comments on your behalf to grow the audience there. Or you can set up a scheduler to auto post to ensure you have a presence but no major KPIs or objectives for those platforms. Don’t have a brand message guidebook? – oh no – make sure you become a MarketAPeel member to know when we will be having a brand guidebook workshop.

Tip: You don’t have to be active everywhere or even present everywhere. Understand the demographics of each platform and if it aligns with your brand’s image. Choose your top 5-10 customers, the ones who keep coming back and you want more of that kind of customer. Do a search of each customer to determine where they like to engage with other people’s posts. Just because they have a profile, doesn’t mean they are active on that platform. Make sure you find the platforms they are active on. If there is a common platform make sure you are there, if not, pick another 10 until you find that common platform to focus your efforts on.

MarketAPeel has resources to help you create a guidebook for your brand story and get the tasks you need to get done – done. Become a MarketAPeel Member for extra tips, ideas, and notification of group programs to help you get the job done.

Dial in to Their Memories

Think about where and when your ideal audience grew up.

If it works with your brand story, elicit their childhood memories by sharing things like how you used technology back in the day. Ask them if they remember using obsolete objects or doing things kids today don't do, like go to an arcade, stay out without telling parents where you were, or cruising the strip in your car for hours on end. Use words to describe what it felt like to pull at their emotional strings.

Use Colour to stop the scroll

When you scroll through your feed you will notice those who use blocks of colour to stand out. White space isn't always white... it can be a block of any colour without an object in it. By using your brand colours as white space you create a void, a space with nothing in it and that will attract the eye to the one object in the image that stands out. By clearly showing one object that represents the story you are telling, it clearly communicates visually what the post is about and your ideal audience will stop the scroll due to its clarity.

Coming Soon....

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