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Be The Love Of Your Life

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

As seen in the February 2020 issue of APeeling

10 years ago, from the outside looking in, I was living a “good life”. I had a stable job, a home in Vancouver (one of the most sought out cities to live in), regular visits with my family, a lot of friends, a really fun social life, and I had the opportunity of travelling the globe. I forgot to mention that I was “happily single” (or so I had myself convinced).

I felt moments of happiness, but there were also many moments of feeling like I was going up the down escalator. Deep down inside, I felt as if life was happening to me, one failure after another. I was feeling overworked, bills were piling up, and I was working 3 jobs at the same time to maintain my lifestyle. I had failed romantic relationships, failed business investments, disconnected friendships, and the list of challenges went on.

I had a vision for how I wanted my life to look. It was MY dream life. There were things I believed that I needed to achieve to be happy by certain benchmarks in my life, which added a lot of pressure. Looking back, I was so focused on the outcome, I missed a lot of the journey. As you know, there’s no going back in time. Moving forward, I was committed to living my life with a lot more meaning, connection, and purpose.

I have learned for myself that the outcome does NOT need to change. My dream

life can still be my dream life and it is what I truly want, but asking myself why I want something has become a healthy new habit.

Do I want it out of fear or lack? Do I think that the having of it will bring me something I do not already have OR do I want it because it elevates the joy, which already exists within myself?

(I invite you to read that again) In order to heal and overcome the old patterns it is important to identify the emotions, stories and limiting beliefs of our subconscious programming.

Learn to transform your old patterns… those of feeling a loss of control, unworthiness, being unloveable, and not good enough, less than, weak and powerless. Let these go to make way for new patterns.

I have gained the tools to be in the drivers seat of all of my experiences. Which means, I have learned to embrace all of my emotions. I have the tools to transform them, so I am spending more of my life in love, joy, happiness and pure bliss. I achieved this by working with coaches and healers. I have implemented a daily meditation practice, which has brought me so much more clarity and peace in my life. By understanding my past, I have more compassion for myself, which gives me a deeper capacity to do for others. Love and compassion for myself and for others has also expanded my level of joy. I don’t sweat the small stuff anymore.

The universe still challenges me, but I now know to look for the sometimes hidden gifts, the deeper lesson underneath each challenge, and transform it. I remember getting stuck in traffic and was late for a wedding dress fitting for my sister. She does not take well to people being late, and because of the fear of upsetting her I got myself worked up in a panic trying to get there sooner than later. I could feel the anxiety rising within myself. Then I stopped for a second and took 3 deep breaths. I shifted my focus to myself. What do I need to do for myself to recalibrate… to find happiness and joy for myself…self love.

Sometimes it’s as simple as shifting your thoughts to something that brings you joy, sometimes it’s a scent that calms you down, it could be a picture you look at which soothes you, or a song. For me, in that moment, taking 3 deep breaths was enough to shift my

energy. My intention was in the right place, I was doing my best to be there for her. Moments after I shifted my energy, I found a parking spot right in front of a bridal store not on our list of stores to visit. Long story short, she purchased her dream wedding gown from the very store I had discovered because I was running late and couldn’t find a parking nearby. Everything aligned itself exactly how it was meant to be.

Today, I stand in my power. I have awoken my inner goddess. I am more trusting of the process, that I am being guided. I am in a healthy romantic partnership. The food I eat tastes better. The relationships with my family is heightened. My travel is more epic, meaningful, and purposeful. I love myself like my life depends on it, and my connection to my higher self, intuition, mother nature is so strong and clear. I spend most of my time feeling blissful and the challenges have become much more manageable.

I am deeply passionate about teaching people how to practice self love. Experiencing more love, laughter, and happiness in their lives. Let me show you how to connect to your natural feeling of joy, happiness & bliss.

I started Naked Love Coach a few years ago to share this blissfulness with all of you. I feel so aligned with starting my own passion based business.

The word “naked” has many meanings and we have been socially conditioned for it to be taboo. It captures people’s attention and since a lot of my coaching is based on re-programming your brain, it only seems fitting…

We come into this world naked, raw, vulnerable, pure…it is the essence of YOU, which I want to capture. Before you started identifying by your name, your social status, your job title etc…

  • You are not your name. You are not your job title.

  • You are not your relationship status.

  • You are not your financial status.

  • No more masks. You’re ready to come undone.

  • Always choosing to live from love, and letting go of fears, thru love and compassion.

  • Knowing...Learning to trust your inner guide and not your conflicting inner thoughts.

  • Elevate your consciousness, tap in to your inner guides, learn to trust that you are being guided on this journey called life.

  • Deepen your understanding of who you are and what your unique purpose is, here on Earth.

  • Being happy first, will make all of my dreams come true.

Nadika Viswakula is the naked love coach. She helps men & women heal past hurt & trauma, allowing them to experience more joy in all the different areas of their lives. Visit her website.

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