Telling Others You Are APeeling


Promotion is a big part of getting your story in front of the right audience. In today's world, people use multiple channels to consume content and find the information they need. We help clients find the best media channels to tell their stories and ensure the message is told properly on each channel.

Promotional Services

Social Media Promotion on our platforms. We can source the right influencers for companies to ensure better ROI and the right audience.

We help find speaking agents and speaking gigs for clients to help them establish themselves as experts in the marketplace.

We find the right podcasts, vlogs, and other media platforms to book clients for interviews.

We look for guest blogging spots for clients to post articles with quality backlinks for their websites.


The APeeling Digital Magazine and Direct Mail Magazine to promote clients and other business owners to the marketplace.

We design and print promotional items to use as real world give away items. Business cards, mugs, tents, plus more.